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Thermostat Control

The human body is most comfortable when a person’s feet are slightly warmer than their head. The Danfoss underfloor heating system has been scientifically designed to provide this optimal luxury and comfort. The Danfoss thermostats range from simple wall mounted thermostats to the most sophisticated, intelligent thermostat available on the market. With the unique thermostat, maintaining the luxury of the radiant heat is easy in any given environment through the floor sensor and room sensor:


The Floor Sensor

The floor sensor measures the temperature of the floor and ensures that the floor has a consistent temperature. This is ideal in bathrooms, kitchens and others rooms where bare feet are often the norm.

Room Sensor

The room sensor measures the ambient temperature in the room and maintains the room at a consistent or pre-programmed temperature (the room sensor is more accurate when installed with the floor sensor).

The Danfoss 550 is without a doubt the most sophisticated thermostat available on the market for floor heating. This is what takes floor heating to a completely new level! A single button controls everything and once set, it will not be necessary to adjust again.

The Danfoss 550 is just as elegant to look at, as it is efficient:

Danfoss 550 has been designed by one of Denmark’s leading industrial designers, keeping with the best of Danish tradition: simple, elegant, and emphasising the functions. With its easy-to-read LCD display, and one dial operation, Danfoss 550 is a pleasure to use.

Danfoss 550 is kind to the environment and your wallet!

Danfoss 550 ensures optimal comfort temperatures without damaging the environment, because a Danfoss time controlled floor heating system uses 10 to 15% less energy than an equivalent system controlled by an old-fashioned timer/thermostat.

Danfoss 550 is the first intelligent, learning thermostat for electrical under floor heating on the market.

The Danfoss 550 teaches itself how the specific room reacts to a given outdoor temperature (how fast the rooms cools down if the temperature drops outside and how long it takes to increase the temperature by e.g. 5°C) and uses this knowledge to correct the temperature and timing continuously in order to supply a maximum comfort with minimum power consumption.

Below is a picture explaining this feature. Basically, if the heating system starts to heat too early it is waisting energy. If it starts too late the comfort is low:

Danfoss 550 is equipped with an intelligent timer function, which provides you with a comfortable temperature exactly when required.

When adjusting the Danfoss 550 timer, you just choose the time when you want comfort temperature, and Danfoss 550 automatically calculates when it is necessary to turn on the heat in order to reach the required room temperature at the specified time. For example, if you want 21°C in the room from 06.00 to 09.00, you put these figures into Danfoss 550 - Danfoss 550 takes care of the rest. With a normal thermostat/timer, you must predict yourself when the system should be turned on, thereby increasing the risk of either heating the room too early (resulting in increased energy consumption) or too late (resulting in poor comfort).