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Danfoss Underfloor Heating

Danfoss is the worlds leader in floor heating!
  • Worlds biggest producer of electrical floor heating
  • Has more that 60 years experience of service excellence in floor heating system
  • Has the worlds largest floor heating Research and Development centre in Denmark
  • Is the only company that manufactures both the heating wires and the thermostats – ensuring the best integrated solution


Advanced Technology for Complete Lifestyle Management
  • Advanced computerised data gathering thermostat (with network capabilities)
  • Floor and room sensor for increased accuracy and safety ceilings
  • Advanced ‘set and forget’ feature with up 336 easy to use timer settings per week (7 day cycle settings with 24 hour heat management options)
  • Central Touch screen control for the whole house
10 Year Warrantee!

Danfoss offers an 10 year ALL INCLUSIVE international warrantee! If your underfloor heating should fail in the tem years – Danfoss will pay for all the cost associated with the repair.

Underfloor Heating with Danfoss Heating Cables

Adheres to all the highest international standards (CE, IEC)
  • Highest quality products (ISO 9001)
  • Highest safety standards (IEC, CE)
Environmentally Sound Products
  • Member of The Green Network
  • Awarded the Working Environment Certificate OHSAS 18001 in 2004
Underfloor Heating with Danfoss Heating Mat