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Counteract ESKOM’s Price Increase


Can you REALLY afford the Eskom price increase? Let me give you some things to consider

  • Eskom will increase your monthly electricity bill by 25% on the 01st April 2010
  • Eskom are going to impose further increases of 25% next year and in 2012
  • Your Geyser accounts for 43% of your monthly electricity bill

Have you considered going SOLAR?

By installing a Solar Geyser you can reduce your monthly bill by 30% saving you loads of cash. Solar Power is not only cost effective it is also environmentally friendly. In these difficult economic times I ask you can you REALLY afford not to GO SOLAR?



Home Power Distribution

Item %
Water Heating 43%
Washing Machine 12%
Appliances 11%
Stove 10%
Heaters 10%
Fridge 9%
Dishwasher 5%
Total 100%
Installing a Solar Geyser, Heat Pump or any of our exceptional products will ensure that you will be on your way to a richer, better and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

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