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Eskom Solar Geyser Rebate

ESKOM is using an international best practice model for Solar Geyser rebates where you pay the full installation price for the Solar Geyser, and claim back the solar geyser rebate amount from the facilitating auditors. To claim your Solar Geyser rebate, all you need to do is submit the claim form & the required documents. You submit your claim to the program facilitating auditors that oversee the payments. You can either post it or drop it in designated drop-boxes at Deloitte’s offices. You will receive your Eskom Solar Geyser rebate within 8 weeks of receipt of your completed claim.

The Rebate available on the Home Comfort Solar Geysers are up to R 9,473!


The requirements for the solar geyser rebates are as follows:
  • The solar geyser must be approved for the Eskom rebate
  • The solar geyser may be connected as a pre-feed to the existing geyser
  • If an electric element is connected, a timer must be fitted to it. If the existing geyser is used in pre-feed arrangement, then the timer must be on the electric geyser with no electrical connection to the solar geyser


Customers need to do the following:
  • Complete personal information on Eskom Solar Geyser Rebate Claim form
  • Provide a copy of your ID
  • Provide a copy of your Electrical bill
  • Place the following inside the White envelope and post:
    • Completed Eskom solar geyser rebate Form
    • COC
    • Invoice
    • Statement
    • Copy ID
    • Copy of Electrical bill
The process is as follows:
  • After Installation, an Electrician must issue a COC (the customer may get his own electrician to do this). The electrician must also complete the last part of the Eskom solar geyser rebate claim form
  • Set the timer correctly - The timer may not be set to be ON during peak times (Set timer ON ideally from 04h00 to 06h00 and again 16h00 to 18h00)
  • Complete the ESKOM solar geyser rebate form (CHECK THAT THE LAST PAGE IS COMPLETED IN FULL)
  • Paste one paper sticker to the Eskom rebate form (in correct space) for every solar geyser installed
  • Issue an Invoice with the correct Solar Geyser Rebate amount
  • Paste one paper sticker to the Invoice (in correct space) for every solar geyser installed
  • Issue a zero balance statement as proof that customer has paid in full for the solar geyser
  • Paste one paper sticker to the DB where timer is fitted
  • Glue one METAL sticker to the solar geyser’s panel (BY HOMECOMFORT)
  • Glue one METAL sticker to the solar geyser (BY HOMECOMFORT)
  • Issue White Envelope addressed to Deloittes / Eskom
  • Issue Warrantee / User Manual document