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Pool Heating

Pool Blanket


Thermal pool Blankets are affordable, easy to use and can be fitted to any shape and size pool. By using a Pool Blanket you can raise the water temperature in your pool by 6°C to 8°C and reduce evaporation by up to 90% – an important consideration in a country where water is a precious resource.

The Pool Blanket will prevent dirt and leaves from entering the pool and will assist in retaining heat generated in cases of heated pools. This contributes greatly to the conservation of energy as pool heat pumps and cleaning pumps can run for less time, saving power and costs. Pool Blankets are not used for safety purposes.



Pool Blanket
Roll Up Station for Pool Blanket

When the Pool Blanket is too large for one person to control a Roll Up station is recommended. This would be for pools longer than 7m.

The cover requires additional reinforcing to ensure longevity and is fixed to the roll-up station by way of an attachment kit.