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Pool Heating

Pool Heating

pool heating

Extend your family’s enjoyment of your swimming pool by heating its water with the free energy from the sun. Add value to your home while improving your lifestyle. The kids will never want to leave the pool again

It’s a well known fact that most swimming pools rarely achieve comfortable swimming temperatures, even during the height of summer

pool heating

A standard Home Comfort solar system comprising solar panels and a solar heat retention blanket will improve your pool temperature by 10°C to 12°C warmer than normal. This will allow for comfortable swimming in most parts of South Africa for most of the year

A Home Comfort solar system comprising solar panels only will increase your pool temperature by 5°C to 9°C warmer than normal. This will extend your annual swimming season to approximately seven months




  • No extra electricity costs – your existing pool pump is used to circulate the water through the panels.
  • An investment – solar heating is affordable, yet the value of your house escalates markedly if such a feature is installed.
  • Environmentally friendly – solar energy is clean energy. No pollution and no exploitation of limited natural resources
  • Ease of installation – installation takes less than a day. No mess, no fuss, no people walking through your house

A Home Comfort pool heating system is the tried and tested method of heating any pool, large or small!

Don’t stop using your pool just because the water is too cold. Your pool is a big investment. Get maximum use and fun from the sun by heating your pool the Home Comfort way. Once installed, there are no running costs and your system works totally in harmony with nature.

Pool heating


Home Comfort solar pool heating has the following features:
  • Modular system – easy to add panels to meet individual needs.
  • Tried and tested technology – countrywide.
  • Economical – the most cost effective way to heat your pool.
  • 5-year warranty.
Typical solar pool heating installation

Home Comfort solar panels (made of durable and hard-wearing HDPE) are fitted to the roof. Water from the pool is channelled through the panels and is heated by the sun’s rays. The water is then returned to the pool by the existing pool pump. With such an efficient system temperatures between 22°C to 41°C are achieved. This system not only absorbs heat directly from the sun, but absorbs heat by conduction from your roof. In effect, the roof becomes part of the solar system.

Pool covers

Thermal pool covers are affordable, easy to use and can be fitted to any shape and size pool. They raise the water temperature by 6°C to 8°C and reduce evaporation by up to 90% – an important consideration in a country where water is a precious resource.

The covers prevent dirt and leaves from entering the pool and will assist in retaining heat generated in cases of heated pools. This contributes greatly to the conservation of energy as pool heat pumps and cleaning pumps can run for less time, saving power and costs. The covers are not used for safety purposes.

Modular system

The Home Comfort system is modular, meaning that additional panels can be added at any time, roof space permitting. If a pool cover is not to be used in conjunction with the system, it is normally recommended that additional panels be added if luxury temperatures are required.

Alternative water heating option

A heat pump, using electrical power as its source as opposed to the sun, can be installed as an alternative method for heating the water in your swimming pool.