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Solar Geyser Financing


Finance your Solar Geyser with Home Comfort: The monthly savings on your geyser will pay for the monthly installament!

48 Hour turnaround time
Easy Application – 1 page only
5 year payment plan



Cash Back

Get your R 4,000 to R 10,000 Eskom subsidy as cash back in your pocket within 4 weeks of installation!


The Savings on your Electricity Bill will be bigger than your monthly payment on the Loan.

Savings > Installment

Cash in your Pocket:

The following Eskom Subsidy will be paid into your bank account within 4 weeks - for you to spend on anything you want:
150L = R 5,368
200L = R 6,076
300L = R 9,473

  • No deposit
  • Easy 1 Page application form
  • Approval within 48 hours
  • Repayment over 5 year
  • Lowest interest rates

Info required:

  • Completed 1 page application form
  • Water & Electricity bill
  • Copy of ID

Request Solar Geyser Finance Application

Request Solar Geyser Finance Application


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