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Underfloor Heating


We all want our homes to feel safe, warm and welcoming to our family and friends, to feel appreciated and provide us with our place of sanctity.

We understand this need and it drives our business. Our underfloor heating transforms your home environment and produces that 'warm feeling'. The Home Comfort underfloor heating system has been scientifically designed to provide this optimal luxury and comfort.


What is that Warm Feeling?

It is this warm feeling that we seek to create, where each room in your home is the perfect temperature! We do not want you to be aware of your underfloor heating system. Our goal is to set the underfloor heating once and all you need to do is to sit back, relax and allow the system working for you! But to understand how we create this warm feeling, let us briefly look at how underfloor heating works and what you should be looking for from your system:



How Does Underfloor Heating Work?

Heat Rises -- This simple scientific fact explains why underfloor heating works. The trick to an effective underfloor heating system is how to manage this rising heat!

All heating systems utilise the principle of rising heat. However, this principle produces several heat management challenges:

Underfloor Heating vs Underfloor Heating with Insulation

  • Heat management that ensures the floor temperature is slightly warmer than the head to optimize the comfort levels (When the human body is most comfortable)
  • Produce a radiant heat (infra red) which results in comfort levels at lower temperatures than with air heating
  • Produce a consistent temperature that is evenly spread throughout the entire room
  • Allow you to set and manage a comfort and economy level that fluctuates with the hot and cold periods of each day
  • An Intelligent Learning Feature

Different Applications for Different Rooms

Our Underfloor Heating systems has been designed to be installed under all types of floors because each room in your home may have a different floor type. This may range from new concrete floors, ceramic tiles, natural stone tiles (e.g.: marble, terrazzo)

Underfloor heating under the tiles VS in the seed

  • Rising heat will naturally cool and the cold air will fall
  • The combination of rising hot air and falling cool air creates a circular draft in the room
  • A circular draft creates inconsistent pockets of hot and cold air and results in an uncomfortable room temperature
  • A draft circulates dust particles and germs, producing an unhealthy room
  • Traditional systems draw a high level of electricity, which can become costly
  • Traditional heating systems can be unsightly and can unsafe due to exposed heated elements
  • Poorly designed and installed underfloor heating systems can produce a floor which is to hot -- causing discomfort and irritation

The Home Comfort Difference

Through our extensive Research we have sourced the world’s most advanced heating solutions from suppliers with over fifty years of experience. We have overcome the issue outlined above. To ensure that that 'Warm Feeling' is produced, all our heating applications come with a standard quality benchmark to ensure:

Energy Savings

To improve on comfort and - at the same time - save on energy, the computerised Danfoss thermostat uses a sophisticated, unique regulator to work actively within the comfort parameters, room temperature and energy savings. When the outdoor temperature drops, any thermostat controlled heating system will react by compensating the greater heat loss with an increase in the floor temperature. The computerised Danfoss thermostat however, is programmed to understand, that if the floor temperature is higher, the air temperature can be lowered a little - at the same comfort level.

Direct Heating in Wooden Floors – No reason to worry!

Wood is a natural material which contracts or expands depending on the temperature. It is essential that the underfloor heating system distributes the heat in a gentle and controlled way. Usually the wooden floor manufacturers prescribe a maximum temperature of 27° -- which must not be exceeded.

All this calls for a very precise heat control -- which is precisely what Danfoss offers. The computerised Danfoss thermostat has a floor sensor to ensure that the temperature in the floor construction is always in accordance with the tolerance level that the manufacturer has recommended. The floor will be nice and warm, and never too hot to risk any damages.

Underfloor Heating VS Heaters